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We are a team of big kids who never grew up! We spent our childhoods outside on anything with wheels. We believe there is nothing quite like the feeling of adrenaline and the wind in their hair to put a smile on kids faces.

We make award-winning scooters, balance bikes and flikers - with one goal in mind – to unplug kids into the wonder of the world.

Our products give your child a sense of freedom and excitement. They will be having so much fun they won’t realize they are actually learning big core skills. Balance, stability, strength, speed and most important of all, confidence.

And you can set them free safe in the knowledge that you have chosen a product that is safe. Our safety standards are our priority, we want to give the best to your child and make sure that our products are growing with them and will follow them in all their adventures for many years.

And remember that one of the most important life lessons they will learn is to - fall. With every new learning comes the risk of failure, but failure is temporary and they learn to try again. Get up and try again. And again.